1st Blues Darts

June 4, 2018

Another custom print, this time for our friends at 1st Blues Darts Team.

St Marys Football Club

June 4, 2018

New end of season awards for the guys in Portadown from St Marys Football Club, complete with customised engraving.

Down Autograss

June 4, 2018

Once again the guys from Down Autograss selected beautiful awards for their end of season presentation. You may recall we produced these for them last year. This time they went for 48 of these custom glass […]

Craigavon Lakes Run

June 4, 2018

700 medals and personalised ribbons for the ABC Council for their upcoming 5k and 10k event. That’s 2,800 printed sponsors coupled with a 2.5″ medal and a 2″ personalised centre. A cracking looking medal, fit […]

Portadown Boat Club

June 4, 2018

Printing work for the guys and gals at Portadown Boat Club who are showing off a great message on the reverse of the shirt.

Richhill End Of Season

June 6, 2017

A brand new club deserves a brand new set of end of season awards. Especially in their debut double winning season. There are some beautiful trophies in this collection. We particularly like the Montrose Crystal […]

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