Reece Australia Xpert Attack Padel Racket

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The best of the best in padel rackets, that's how we can describe this Reece Xpert Attack Padel racket. Let's start with the material; the frame is fibercarbon 3K, the face is carbon 6K, the heart is fibercarbon 6K. EVA pro gives your stroke extra power. The hybrid shape has a high balance point. The sweet spot is at the top of the racket. These characteristics make the racket very suitable for the attacking player. This Reece padel racket is equipped with a smart hole system, making the racket manoeuvrable. The high-quality 3D finish provides extra grip and the shock absorber ensures that your wrists are relieved while hitting. The protector ensures a longer lifespan of the racket. The weight of this racket: 360-375 g.